Transport Cards

Modern ticketing systems is not only making life easier for the user, but it is also making life easier for the transportation provider. Weather it is for boarding a bus, train or plane, the contactless ticketing system provides high security, low labor cost and convenient travelling for the user.

dz card has been providing contactless cards since the beginning of the 2000’s, and now has a range of regular customers – both domestic and international. dz card is proud to be a specialist in lamination technology and has perfected the lamination process to secure the best quality product with very long lasting durability, weather the card is paper or plastic.


Available Technology

  • Standard ISO 14443 Type A, B & C
  • Hybrid card – combined with payment application
  • Contactless card
    • NFC
    • Mifare Classic
    • Mifare Plus & Plus EV1
    • Mifare Ultralight & Ultralight C
    • Mifare Desfire EV1 & EV2