Innovative Solutions


Mass Enrollment Enabler

End to End solution for enrollment at Customer’s premises for:

  • Universities
  • Banks
  • Events
  • Etc.


dz card can offer the services for mass enrollment process at customer’s premises. dz card has developed the complete solution to manage the process to serve any type of enrollment. The process can handle the mass people within short period in efficiency way. dz card offers the total services with hardware, software and staffs for onsite. The solution is suitable for universities, banks, big organizations, events, exhibitions, etc.

Services include:

Queue management:

  • For managing mass number of people with efficiency and flexible.
  • Customizable on various service type for each station.
  • Issuing queue slip base on personal information and service type.

Personal data acquiring:

  • Centralize data system.
  • Personal data acquiring from multiple type of input:
    • Key in data from application form.
    • Pulling from ID smart card.
    • Pulling from customer’s host database.
  • Multi-stations and expandable for increasing capacity.

Photo acquiring:

  • Multiple options for input
    • High quality DSLR camera.
    • Web camera for lower cost and higher capacity.
    • Photo scanning from physical picture.
    • Pulling from smartcard.
    • Pulling from customer’s database.
  • Matching with personal information with verification to ensure right photo goes to right data.

High security control:

  • Interfaces with key management system.
  • User access control with track and traceable.
  • Integrates with customer’s system for user control.

Output and report:

  • Customizable for the output.
  • Interface with customer’s system for delivering output directly.
  • Customizable the various reporting types.
  • Activity logging system for track and trace.