Innovative Solutions


End  to End Card Personalization

    • Card Body

    • Embedded card and Pre-personalize
    • Data File

    • Data encrypted, Data conversion and Data preparation
    • Personalization

    • Photo printing, DOD, Emboss, Laser engraving
    • Quality Check

    • Visual check 100% and Data Functional check 100%
    • Packaging and Pack

    • Software packing
    • Shipment

dz card specializes in complex smart card personalization services. With our expertise on both telecom (SIM card) and financial (EMV card) card personalization, we can offer the complete end to end smartcard personalization solution to handle the complicate process and convert into easy process to control. The solution offers the flexibility and easy control from centralize point. We work closely with partner for the all components including hardware and software to deliver the best solutions.

We can offer the solution to support

  • Fully smart card personalization solution in house personalization.
  • Instant card personalization solution for multiple branches.
  • Remote or distribute card personalization for multi-sites bureau.
  • Semi-Instant card personalization for visualize personalization.

The solution features include


  • Simple and easy to use for UI.
  • Customizable operation process and workflow.
  • Flexibility and scalability.
  • Centralize database for managing the data and process.

Input data management

  • Customize integration with customers CMS.
  • Support Secure FTP data transferring.
  • Automatic input data processing with encryption/decryption data.
  • Multiple source and various data type handling.

EMV data generation

  • Automatic/Manual generate.
  • Customizable the parameters and templates.
  • Support multiple payment schemes (VISA, Master card, JCB, CUP, etc.).

Chip personalization

  • Support multiple chip types.
  • Support multiple chip platforms (native, global platform).
  • Support multiple personalization machine brands.

Key Management

  • Secure and Easy to handle key operations.
  • Support multiple HSM brands.

User access control and logging

Output file and report generation

  • Customizable report.
  • Export to multiple formats.